Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Raging Justice

Raging Justice logo
A friend of mine that came to Ga-Ma-Yo is a massive retro arcade fan (he even owns a Neo-Geo…). We were chatting while walking past Raging Justice being played. Both of us stopped and slowly turned our heads, mouths open. It only takes a quick glance to see just how much the game captures the distilled essence of 80s/90s sprite-based beat-em-ups. In fact, according to the beaming rep from Makin Games we chatted to, Raging Justice even features the same techniques for building the game world… the characters are all 3D animated models that have been captured and turned into sprites, just like the old days!

But this game is in much, much higher resolution, with crisp, fluid animations and 3D rendered background to interact with.

Raging Justice has been a labour of love for a small team of developers. We’re ardent fans of the classic scrolling beat-em-up brawlers of the 1980s and ‘90s, developing what we plan to be a perfect homage to a golden-era of gameplay.



  • Classic brawler gameplay.
  • Fight through action packed levels, then face-off against awesome boss enemies.
  • Multiplayer co-operative gameplay.

By all accounts, the game looks pretty much finished, so should be out soon!


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