Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Backspace


Retro-modern is so hot right now! And this game is a pretty good representation… Shown off at Ga-Ma-Yo #7 on Thursday 13 November in Leeds, I was captivated by Backspace’s┬áslick gameplay, and how pretty it looked on a big projector screen. In fact, I was pretty gutted I didn’t get a go on it!

Each level takes place on a sphere, and is a clever mix of retro twitch arcade gaming with a smidgeon of strategic thinking. Good luck to Megabot for the rest of the project.

Your friends all disappear after finding some mysterious software online. You log on and discover a hidden, super network… that you can’t leave.

Backspace is an arcade adventure set in a virtual world filled with action, exploration, and plenty of secrets!

Key features:

  • Use detachable Pods to blast through walls and devastate a rich variety of enemies.
  • Carry a mixture of cargo to solve puzzles and enhance combat abilities.
  • Explore a spherical environment, using Teleports to move between multiple layers.
  • More features to be revealed…

Can you unlock the secret of the network and save your friends from mortal danger?

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Maybe more.

Release Date: Alpha available Winter 2013.

Check out the video below.

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