Ga-Ma-Yo #7: 101 Ways to Die


Four Door Lemon has been beavering away for the last couple of years on a super secret self-published project, which they recently announced as ‘101 Ways to Die‘, a side-viewed puzzle-trap game, sort of like a grotesque small-scale Lemmings. The cartoon-styled graphics belie a depth of strategic death puzzles, but hint at a belly full of laughs.


The game has been doing the rounds, and this is the second time I’ve seen it in action, each time, it’s drawn an excited crowd. 101 Ways to Die is played with a controller, so I’d be surprised if we didn’t see it appear further afield than Steam, perhaps hitting the consoles?


It’s not about killing… it’s about killing with style!
101 Ways To Die is a platform-puzzler with a twist – it’s full of dark humour and cartoon gore. As the assistant of an eccentric (and slightly evil) scientist, Professor Splatunfuder, it’s your job to help him in restoring a damaged Recipe book. These aren’t any old cooking Recipes, but Recipes for dispatching your enemies in the most stylish ways possible. The name of the book is 101 Ways To Die!


In late 2012 we began work on our original IP ‘101 Ways To Die’ as part of our gradual shift from work-for-hire to own IP development. We worked on 101 Ways To Die alongside our other projects until early 2014, when we began putting our main focus into making the game, allowing development of 101 Ways To Die to progress rapidly.


  • Manipulate the environment to kill the characters
  • Create mutilation, mayhem and destruction by laying brutal combinations of tools
  • A series of bone crunching animations showing your creatures being maimed, sliced, burned, exploded, ripped and impaled
  • 101 delightfully gory Death Recipes to unlock
  • Over 30 blood soaked levels

101 Ways to Die is expected in 2015 on Steam. Until then, you can stare at that animated GIF above.

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