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My dad has been a long, long time rugby football fan, having played as a younger man and now regularly going to see Sale Sharks lose to other teams. When your parents have some sort of interest, you invariably pick up some knowledge, so even though I still don’t understand why a rugby scrum exists, I’ve watched (and played) my fair share of the sport. This is why I was a bit excited for what I’ve been working on…

Distinctive Games asked for a couple of press releases for their new game, Rugby Nations 15. The not-quite-annual update for the rugby game arrived on mobile platforms, namely the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, on 20 November with some hefty changes:

  • New defensive AI, teams now switch dynamically between defensive styles such as Blitz and Drift.
  • Improved general AI and positioning for a faster and more realistic rugby experience.
  • Improved Box Kick and new Cross Field Kick AI.
  • Updated team statistics based on real world performance.
  • New Career Mode.
  • New Club teams available to play in Exhibition Matches and Career Mode.
  • New challenges, including Autumn Internationals.
  • Graphical improvements to stadiums, pitches and players.
  • New match audio.
  • Enhanced replays, now including replays for conversions.
  • New weather effects, such as snow and rain.
  • Brand new menu system for enhanced usability.
  • Rebalanced difficulty levels for a more fun and challenging experience.

Here’s the game-release press announcement:


Rugby Nations 15 out now on iOS and Android

November 2014, Sheffield, UK

Rugby union is sure to be in the headlines during 2015 and what better time to refresh your knowledge of the game and skills with a ball than now… with the best darn rugby game on smart devices? Out on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for £2.99 (€4,49/$4.99), Rugby Nations 15 (RN15) is set to once again raise the bar for mobile sports games. Now featuring a brand new Career Mode, you can build up your player from the earliest matches right through to the top tier leagues.


Optimised for small screens, you can take your favourite sport anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet. Play Rugby Nations 15 on the train, in a coffee shop or waiting for your turn at the post office… the best part is, no mud! There’s also loads of improved game AI, new teams and updated player/team stats, better sound and graphics and new weather effects – on top of the massive career mode – you’ll believe you’re right there on the pitch, feeling every tackle, every conversion and every try. The menu system has been overhauled to make it easier to use, and enhanced instant replays mean you never miss a moment!


Nigel Little, Managing Director says: “I’m really proud of what the team have been able to do for rugby on mobile. Rugby Nations 15 not only looks amazing, the improved AI and career mode push the boundaries of mobile sports games.”


You can now also pick up official RN15 merch from the brand new Distinctive Games web store. The online shop has everything from smartphone cases to trucker caps and t-shirts. Celebrate your wins with a drink from an official Rugby Nations 15 drinking glass!


Rugby Nations 15 is out now on Android and iOS, for £2.99/€4,49/$4.99. Review copies of the iOS game are available upon request.

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About Distinctive Games

Distinctive Games is an independent studio founded in 1994 as a console developer working on Playstation One and Nintendo 64. Since 2001 our attention has solely been on mobile platforms working with the biggest publishers and brands in the industry from the FIFA franchise to Tomb Raider.

If you would like to review Rugby Nations 15 please contact marketing@distinctivegames.com.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/distinctivegames
Twitter: http://twitter.com/distinctivegame
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/distinctivegame

You can grab the game from the links above. I bought it over the weekend and have found time to play it a couple of times, and I have to say, the team at Distinctive should be proud. It looks pretty good for a mobile game, and once you get the hang of the controls, matches get quite tense!

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