Ga-Ma-Yo #7: 101 Ways to Die

Four Door Lemon has been beavering away for the last couple of years on a super secret self-published project, which they recently announced as ‘101 Ways to Die‘, a side-viewed puzzle-trap game, sort of like a grotesque small-scale Lemmings. The cartoon-styled graphics belie a depth of strategic death puzzles, but […]

Raging Justice logo

Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Raging Justice

A friend of mine that came to Ga-Ma-Yo is a massive retro arcade fan (he even owns a Neo-Geo…). We were chatting while walking past Raging Justice being played. Both of us stopped and slowly turned our heads, mouths open. It only takes a quick glance to see just how much […]

Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Backspace

Retro-modern is so hot right now! And this game is a pretty good representation… Shown off at Ga-Ma-Yo #7 on Thursday 13 November in Leeds, I was captivated by Backspace’s slick gameplay, and how pretty it looked on a big projector screen. In fact, I was pretty gutted I didn’t get […]


cynical definition of indies

Indie games: A cynic’s view.

Over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, they ran the news of a gorgeous ‘indie game’ from ex-Blizzard developers with $20 million in funding. Although Gigantic is beautiful, it’s hard to argue that having a backer with such deep pockets means going through the same problems as the grass-roots indie developers are. Which […]

Ashen: a stunning concept

The open world game Ashen popped up on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, via my RSS feed. Even with just a quick read of the article and a scout of their website, I’m easily captivated by the mix of DayZ and Journey. Much like Gang Beasts before it, the art style is already amazing, […]

Ashen screenshot