Ashen: a stunning concept

The open world game Ashen popped up on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, via my RSS feed. Even with just a quick read of the article and a scout of their website, I’m easily captivated by the mix of DayZ and Journey. Much like Gang Beasts before it, the art style is already amazing, […]

Ashen screenshot

Why I backed ‘Among the Sleep’ on Kickstarter

As the reviews poured out about Krillbite Studio‘s first-person-toddler horror game, it seems critics are divided on how well the concept works. From Polygon’s respectable 7/10 to to Eurogamer’s sub-average 4/10, it’s clear there are flaws in the game. But I have no regrets in sticking down my $20 to […]

Here’s an idea…

I thought about running a weekly Q&A, answering one question submitted by you guys every week (if possible), to help clear some of the fog surrounding social media and PR. So, like good-old Dear Miriam, you can contact me through the comments, the various social channels, or using the contact form […]

Well, this is disturbing…

Organic reach of the content brands publish in Facebook is destined to hit zero. It’s only a matter of time. Looks like Facebook are pushing hard for paid promotion from pages.