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Indie games PR bloke and writer for DJWORX and ExpansiveDLC. I like gaming, Techno and longboarding in the park.

There’s a new Mega Drive game out: Sacred Lines

Sega’s 16-bit Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you prefer) console may have been officially discontinued in 1997, but that hasn’t stopped indie studio WM’s Magical Games Factory from making a brand new cart for the console.  The game is a ‘choose your own adventure‘ style horror/thriller with some lush graphics. You […]

visr kit

Yorkshire heroes: VISR VR headset

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tUYgmtTSsw Last year was the year virtual reality finally hit the mainstream zeitgeist. With the Oculus Rift VR headset reaching its second iteration (the DK2), Samsung bringing out the Gear VR, and Sony’s Project Morpheus just around the corner, not to mention Google’s cheap option Google Cardboard, we’re spoilt for […]

Ga-Ma-Yo #7: 101 Ways to Die

Four Door Lemon has been beavering away for the last couple of years on a super secret self-published project, which they recently announced as ‘101 Ways to Die‘, a side-viewed puzzle-trap game, sort of like a grotesque small-scale Lemmings. The cartoon-styled graphics belie a depth of strategic death puzzles, but […]

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Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Raging Justice

A friend of mine that came to Ga-Ma-Yo is a massive retro arcade fan (he even owns a Neo-Geo…). We were chatting while walking past Raging Justice being played. Both of us stopped and slowly turned our heads, mouths open. It only takes a quick glance to see just how much […]

Ga-Ma-Yo #7: Backspace

Retro-modern is so hot right now! And this game is a pretty good representation… Shown off at Ga-Ma-Yo #7 on Thursday 13 November in Leeds, I was captivated by Backspace’s slick gameplay, and how pretty it looked on a big projector screen. In fact, I was pretty gutted I didn’t get […]


cynical definition of indies

Indie games: A cynic’s view.

Over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, they ran the news of a gorgeous ‘indie game’ from ex-Blizzard developers with $20 million in funding. Although Gigantic is beautiful, it’s hard to argue that having a backer with such deep pockets means going through the same problems as the grass-roots indie developers are. Which […]